How to Protect Yourself From

2,410 proven tips, tactics and tricks you can use right now to outsmart kidnappers… foil active shooters… fend off rapists… block home invaders… and avoid the tragic mistakes people make every day!

Crime is everywhere. It dominates headlines.

Police officer is killed in a shootout with a robbery suspect just released on probation.

On the news. Online. On neighborhood apps.

Then there are the incidents you hear about from friends and family. Most people know someone who has been the victim of a crime.

New statistics from the FBI show the U.S. recently experienced its largest-ever recorded annual increase in murders. In fact, the national murder rate made its biggest jump in 60 years.

Burglar hears someone enter the kitchen from the garage while he digs through jewelry in the master bedroom.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article in The Guardian:

“The FBI data is showing an increase everywhere,” said Shani Buggs, an assistant professor at the University of California, Davis, who studies community violence prevention. “It’s urban. It’s rural. It’s Democratic. It’s Republican.”

The FBI also reports that burglaries happen, on average, every 30 seconds–more than 3,000 every day!

Even cybercrime is exploding.

So the question now becomes…

How have you changed your lifestyle to protect yourself and the people you love?

You see, most ways of preventing crime are simply notification tools. Your home security system or car alarm, for instance, alerts you when a crime is in progress.

The neighborhood apps on your phone do the same — well after the crime is underway or complete.

Security and identity theft software work the same way.

None of these resources prevents a dangerous criminal from making you his next victim.

This can feel especially uncomfortable when you consider that the FBI’s most recent data reported a 5.6% rise in violent crimes in just a single year, while homicides increased by 29%.

And although there were fewer property crimes, they still made up 6 out of every 10 crimes reported.

Protect yourself the easy, affordable way.

The fact is, having the right knowledge is really the only way to protect yourself from criminal activity.

Unfortunately, we’re not taught this information. Most people never gain the right knowledge or skills to keep themselves safe.

How would you react to the following:

  • You get home from the ATM and the robber who followed you sticks a gun in your ribs and demands cash. What could you have done to prevent this?
  • When you get home you see that your front door has been pried open. What’s more, your new TV is missing. What could you have done to prevent this?
  • Three armed men break down your front door and hold you and your spouse at gunpoint. They demand cash and jewelry. What could you have done to prevent this?

Make a wrong move in these situations and you not only put yourself in danger, you jeopardize the safety of your family and other innocent people.

How to Protect Yourself from Crime & Violence provides you with proven tips, tactics and tricks you can use right now to…

  • Outsmart kidnappers,
  • Foil attackers,
  • Fend off rapists,
  • Block home invaders, and
  • Avoid the tragic mistakes people make every day.

This program teaches you how to put measures in place to keep yourself and your loved ones out of danger. Doing so is a matter of securing the environment around you — both physically and online.

Up until now, the information needed to do this was mostly shared only among law enforcement professionals.

Now we’ve brought this knowledge to you.

Altogether, you get 2,410 insider tips on these high-risk topics:

  • Home Protection & Security
  • Home Invasions
  • Mass Shooters
  • Active Shooters
  • Vehicle Protection & Security
  • Personal Safety
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Safety & Security
  • Teen Safety & Security
  • Travel & Vacation Security
  • Terrorism
  • Identity Theft
  • What You Can & Should Do

These easy-to-implement tips and strategies are your first line of defense against attackers, intruders, and home invaders.

Each one is based on real-world law enforcement experience and developed through the educational resources of 252 police departments, plus governmental and law enforcement agencies and crime-prevention organizations.

Veteran police officers and federal agents nationwide support these life-saving tips that prevent you from becoming a victim and protect you from potential danger.

What’s more, you can implement many for little or no money. Best of all, most don’t require any special skills or abilities.

Use them to safeguard your home… protect yourself while driving… keep yourself safe when vacationing… avoid assault situations… and so much more.

You’ll help your local police department too.

It’s no secret that most police officers are overworked and underpaid. Even worse, many departments are understaffed.

This means they have less time to teach crime prevention programs. They’re relying on you to learn this information yourself.

You knowing how to prevent crime and violence eases the burden on your local police department. Because you keep yourself and the people around you safer.

Look, crime isn’t an unexpected event. Assailants typically follow a process — one that security experts call the “crime triangle.”

The three elements of this triangle are desire, target, and opportunity. Remove these elements, and you eliminate the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

This is what How to Protect Yourself from Crime & Violence is designed to do.

Here’s how the program works:

How to Protect Yourself from Crime & Violence is a 13-CD library that includes an entire transcribed script of the program, so you can print any section whenever you want.

Besides being available electronically via instant download, you receive the entire program by mail – more than 10 hours of information, insider tips, secrets and strategies authenticated by veteran police officers and federal agents.

This allows you to go through everything at your own pace and in your preferred format.

Click images to view larger size.

You also receive 2 FREE bonuses:

FREE BONUS #1: Your family’s Personal Property Inventory List to log key information (such as serial numbers) on electronics, appliances and computers, so you can identify personal property in case of a crime or emergency.

FREE BONUS #2: Your family’s Home Security Checklist, so you can identify and secure common problem areas around your home, such as windows, doors and locks.

Click image to view larger size.

Applying just a single idea from this program can literally save your life.

But, again, you get a whopping 2,410 insider tips. And you can implement most with minimal effort or cost.

You’ll quickly feel empowered and sleep better at night, knowing you and your loved ones are well protected from crime and violence.

Plus, your investment for this peace of mind is far less than those “notification tools” mentioned earlier. And you don’t get stuck with contracts, monthly subscription plans or hidden costs.

How to Protect Yourself from Crime & Violence is only $149, far less than the price of your new TV or laptop computer, which are usually stolen from homes.

The training is also fully protected with our 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can try all the proven tips, tactics, and tricks risk-free for a full month.


To effectively safeguard yourself from crime and violence, you must understand the process assailants use to exploit victims. This takes more time for some people than others.

Therefore, we make sure you have the opportunity to learn without feeling rushed or pressured. Of course, you also need time to implement the tips, tactics, and tricks we share with you.

So your purchase of How to Protect Yourself from Crime & Violence comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way you have a full month to try the entire program without risking one cent.

If it turns out How to Protect Yourself from Crime & Violence isn’t right for you, let us know within 30 days, and we’ll rush you a refund (less shipping and handling).

Fair enough?

Remember, if you decide to download this program, the entire 13-CD library is available the moment you complete your purchase. So you gain immediate access to the information and can get started right away.

You’ll also receive physical copies of everything by mail.

The way we see it, this is literally life-saving information. The more people who apply what’s shared in this program, the better for everyone.

So we make it easy to try this entire program without worry or risk.

This is why How to Protect Yourself from Crime & Violence is the guaranteed most trusted way to prevent you and your loved ones from becoming victims of criminal activity.

How We Help Police Departments

Use real-world law enforcement techniques to protect everyone around you

The police do their best, but there’s only so much they can do to keep you safe.

They’re overworked and underpaid. In fact, there are only 2 police officers for every 1,000 Americans.

There simply aren’t enough law enforcement officers to protect every law-abiding citizen.

This is where you come in.

You can do so much to protect yourself and the people around you. Plus you’ll be a huge help to your local police department at the same time!

So please don’t delay. Order this life-saving program now, won’t you?

You and your family will sleep safer tonight… and for every night to come.